Awakening from a long slumber

Well, after about a year or so, I got my blog updated, moved to a new machine, and ready to go. With Nikola, I have yet to figure out a satisfactory way to get the blog source shared (with multiple devices), until discussing this with a friend. At which point, it occurred to me that I should probably use Gitlab.

Getting to this point, though, trying to get the perfect workflow, the perfect setup, the perfect circumstances for this ongoing project - it took way too long. Perfection is a hell of a drug. In many ways, large and small, it occurs to me that I need to be comfortable with small, incremental changes. And sometimes, good enough is good enough.

A lot happened over the past year - I got some major health issues sorted, and can breathe better than ever. I am now also a member of OWASP, and I look forward to posting more about that as well.

For workflow? I am still chasing the perfect flow, but it occurs to me that I shuld document the journey. At least that way, there will be more to show for all the work and exploration I have been doing. I am still enamoured with the text based/terminal workflows - Vim is the best distraction free writing environment I have ever seen, although Emacs is also very intriguing. Doom Emacs = Emacs with Vim keybinds, and is quite a nice environment.

Not all who wander are lost, unti they start demanding perfection.