Curiouser and curiouser

Well, after a year or so, I managed to finally get into development in a professional way.... then get laid off at the end of the (previous) year. Fun while it lasted!

For now, though, I have been busy with sharpening the saw. I have obtained certs for ITIL from Axelos and CC from ISC(squared), and I have also been sweeping through my various projects to see what to keep, and what to throw away...

Whilst I maintain a keen interest in Python, I have been looking into the information security (infosec) world. There has been a great deal of hype around red team, offensive maneouvres, penetration testing, and the like - but from what I can tell, most jobs are actually blue team (defensive) related.

Also, I have been looking into CI/CD and pipelines lately. I'd like to set this site up to work on one as Nikola would lend itself very well to such an arrangement. I'd also like to rearrange the style of the website too.

So much to do, so little time....

My goal for this year is to show my work more often. More frequent updates to this site are certainly in order, as well as more pictures. I may even start showing videos on YouTube as well. Using scripts and pipelines to pull everything together should be fun, and useful. I already have a ton of pictures ready to show off, and I plan to grab some more screenshots and video too.